What is Online Generator

The project roots begin from October 2008, when Preloaders.net project started it's life with the enthusiasm of Timur Gafforov, Avraam Makhmudov and Timur Yerzin. We were on our way to create a network of projects with one simple purpose - provide free and dynamic content to web-developers. Starting from GIF animations for AJAX, the development went through icons generator and loading CSS generator.

The last project is Animizer.net, where developers and designers will be able to do almost anything with animations online. This is not the final project, though. Having completed Animizer, we will still be following our path to creating new outstanding generators with functionality that none of other projects possess.

In general, the OnlineGenerator project is developed to join several generator projects in one. All listed projects are actually sub-projects of the OnlineGenerator network and can also be viewed as separate entities. The projects are as follows:

  • Preloaders.net — Loading GIF & APNG animations (AJAX loaders) generator
  • Iconizer.net — Free icons search engine and icons generator
  • CSSLoad.net — AJAX loaders generator in pure CSS
  • Animizer.net — Create animated images from static and from templates