Latest project updates has been launched

2 December, 2013

Online Generator is glad to announce the launch of a new - a complete animation tool. On the project you can:

- Edit animated images
- Combine an animated GIF or animated PNG (APNG) image from several static and/or animated images
- Split an animated GIF or animated PNG (APNG) image
- Convert an animated GIF image to APNG and back
- Create an animated GIF/APNG image from one static image with the provided animation templates
- Get some custom text animated in a GIF or APNG image
- and much more

Launch of AJAX loaders blog

6 February, 2013

Online Generator projects network decided to launch a mini-blog dedicated to AJAX loader animations -, from which our visitors will be able to download pre-created loading animations as sets. Also, we are going to add tutorials on how to create each particular loading animation that exists on the project.

New SPRITES feature on

22 September, 2012

sprites feature on Preloadres.netThe new functionality has been suggested by James Edwards and developed to meet even more requirements of our users. Having selected an animation template on, click the "Generate preloader" button and you will get the list of additional download options. You can:

  • - Download the animation as horizontal sprite image
  • - Include a JavaScript snippet in the download that helps animate the sprite, AND/OR
  • - Include JavaScript snippet that animates the sprites by the means of CANVAS technology
Fell free to contact us if you have any other suggestions for any of our projects. is now WebKit friendly

14 April, 2012

Webkit and - now WEBKIT FRIENDLY: Webkit browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari) have problems with displaying animated images that are loaded "on the run". This made previews of animations on project impossible to view. We fixed this with the technology called "Canvas". Thanks a lot to Ronni Egeriis Persson for the encouragement to "do a better job" launched

05 April, 2012

We finally launched the intermediary web-site, that comprises all of our generators in one page. From now on, our visitors do not have to search through to find our projects and can generate the required content within one project.

The next stage would be creating a common design for all projects